Monday, 23 May 2016

Bryan Kolstad - Best Moped Brands

Bryan Kolstad’s main mode of transportation for the past several years has been a moped, and he enjoys riding these small but powerful scooters for a variety of reasons. As a longtime resident of Portland, Maine, he rarely needs to travel too far outside of town, and finds that a moped is the perfectly sized vehicle for Portland’s small streets. Mopeds are also cheaper to use than cars, and are better for the environment as well. Purchasing a moped can be very overwhelming, because there are so many good brands on the market to choose from. However, there are certain brands that stand out from the competition.

Vespa is arguably the world’s most well-known brand of moped, and for good reason. Headquartered in Italy, the brand produces an extensive line of scooters to suit a variety of budgets and transportation needs. Because these mopeds are made in Italy, where city streets are much smaller and more people rely on scooters to get around, they are designed to be reliable for day-to-day transit.
Well-known car brand Honda also makes very high-quality mopeds in several different models. Their designs are sleek and stylish, perfect for someone who wants to look good while riding around town. Yamaha is another Japanese brand that is well-known for their scooters, which get great gas mileage and are lightweight but powerful.

Finally, car brand BMW is another reliable choice for great scooters. They are known for being very powerful, with strong engines that can reach over 100 miles per hour. Bryan Kolstad has owned many different mopeds over the years, and recommends all of these brands.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Bryan Kolstad- The Art of Clay Sculpting

Bryan Kolstad may spend his days working on boats as a marine mechanic, but in his free time, he enjoys clay sculpting. Kolstad discovered this hobby several years ago, when he decided to attend a class on a whim. He soon became hooked, and began making regular trips to a local art studio to practice. He has created several pieces of pottery that he uses in his home, including vases, bowls, and trays, and is currently working on a series of abstract pieces that are inspired by nature.

There are many different types of clay that you can use for modeling. The easiest kind to use at home is self-hardening clay, as it does not require firing in a kiln. Other common types of clay that do require firing in a kiln include ceramic clay and plastilina. These types of clay can be purchased at art supply stores. Other sculpting essentials include modeling tools, which help to mold and push the clay into your desired shape, as well as glaze, which should be applied to your clay before placing it in the firing kiln. You can also purchase paints to add color to your pieces after they have been fired.

If you are interested in getting started with sculpting, there are many different ways that you can learn. Many local art studios and community centers offer classes, which will teach you a variety of different techniques in detail. You can also consult one of the many, many books available on the subject, which will give you step-by-step instructions on basic projects, or even watch a tutorial video online, which is what Bryan Kolstad occasionally does as well.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Bryan Kolstad - Popular Types of Boats

Bryan Kolstad is a marine mechanic who works to repair and maintain many different types of boats. He lives in Maine, where boats are a huge part of everyday life and are used for many different purposes. For those who live close to the ocean, or to a lake or river, there are actually many advantages to buying or renting a boat. Here are just a few of the many different types of boats.

Fishing boat: These are large boats that are used for the purpose of catching fish and other seafood. These boats can range in shape and size, depending on where they are used and whether they are private or commercial. Fishing boats are designed to carry all necessary fishing equipment, as well as any fish that are caught.

Ferry: A ferry boat is used to transport people across rivers or other small bodies of water. They typically are mid-sized boats, large enough to carry several dozen people comfortably. They often have decks where passengers can sit outside. They also can be used to carry cargo, or even other vehicles.

Racing boat: Racing boats are small but very efficient boats that are created to move very quickly and are very streamlined. They typically carry only one to two passengers, and are used in boat racing competitions.

Yacht: These boats are used for purely recreational purposes. They are very light, and are designed to carry passengers comfortably. They can also be used for racing.

Bryan Kolstad works with these, as well as many other types of boats, in his work as a marine mechanic.