Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Bryan Kolstad - Basic Boat Safety

Bryan Kolstad is a marine mechanic who works in Maine. He has been a lover of boats for his entire life, and began working on them at a very young age. Boating is a hugely popular activity in Kolstad’s hometown, because of the abundance of natural water bodies nearby. In fact, boating attracts thousands of tourists to Maine every year. However, it is important to be very safe and cautious when out on a boat to prevent any accidents. Here are some basic boat safety tips for everyone to follow.

-Always have life jackets on board when out on a boat, and try to wear them as much as possible. Wearing a life jacket could keep you from drowning in the event of an accident. It is especially important that children wear life jackets when spending time out on the water.

-Plan where you are going ahead of time, and keep a nautical map with you on the boat. Make sure you have a way to communicate with others while you are on the water in case you need help. If you can, take a GPS device with you, as this will likely be the easiest way out of a sticky situation if you get lost.

-Check the weather before heading out on the boat. Storms or even just high winds can cause serious problems for sailors, and it is very important to avoid sailing in conditions that you can’t handle.

Bryan Kolstad is always careful to stay safe while sailing.